Green Alliance Association of Henan University launches tree planting day activities

2021-03-15 11:00

Author:HuiLi XinZhiWang  Editor in charge: Chen Hao

In March, the grass grows and the warbler flies. On the 43rd tree planting day, in response to the call of national tree planting and greening, and to improve students' awareness of environmental protection, on March 14, the Green Alliance Association of Henan University, together with the youth volunteer associations of seven colleges, including school of environment and planning, School of mathematics and electronics, School of physics and electronics, School of philosophy and public management, School of business, School of civil engineering and architecture, and Eurasia International College, jointly attended the ceremony Plant trees at the forest farm at the intersection of Lianhuo Expressway and Jinming Avenue.

In the afternoon of that day, volunteers put on their waistcoats and arrived at the activity site orderly. Before planting trees, we humbly ask the professionals on site for tree planting skills. During the course of activities, students independently grouped, United and collaborated, carried seedlings, supported the trunk, filled the soil with shovel, and stepped the soil with their feet. One was enthusiastic and vigorous, and gradually increased the efficiency of tree planting from the initial action to the later. Looking at the trees standing neatly in the wind, although the clothes were stained with dust, their faces were filled with a smile of satisfaction. After planting trees, we arranged our tools and took a group photo. Then we took the bus to school safely, leaving a happy time.


There are two trees and three trees, each of which is a pillar. This activity has exercised the students' bodies, enhanced their environmental awareness, and fully carried forward the spirit of volunteer dedication, friendship, mutual assistance and progress. I hope the volunteers will reap a green harvest in the future.