Our college holds 2020 grade professional meeting of Geographical Science

2021-03-12 13:55

Author:YanyunYang PeiruiDu  Photographer:ZiweiZhao XingyinLian  Editor in charge:HaoChen

On March 11, the 2020 grade geographical science major diversion meeting was held in the lecture hall on the second floor of the college. The meeting was presided over by 2020 counselor Cheng Yanan, and vice president Zhao Wei delivered an important speech.

At the beginning of the meeting, Zhao Wei introduced in detail the "past and present life" of Geographical Science Specialty in our college, and reviewed the glorious history of the specialty since its establishment. He mentioned that as an important resource for middle school teachers in China, the major of Geographical Science in our college has a wide range of social needs and broad employment prospects; the investment of Mingde plan - experimental class of geographical science and the advantages of research guarantee, and students are encouraged to sign up.

When introducing the major of Geographic Information Science, he emphasized the broad development prospect of geographic information system industry and its important role in national aviation and aerospace industry, people's daily travel and other fields, and pointed out that the students of this major had a good job prospect with high employment rate. Then, Zhao Wei pointed out the importance of talent support policy in human geography and urban and rural planning industry in the national development, and described the pivotal position of the major in modern urban and rural construction. Finally, Zhao Wei sent his best wishes to the students of grade 2020: "I hope all the students have a bright future."

In this diversion meeting, Zhao Wei introduced to the students of grade 2020 the faculty strength and teaching and research environment of our college as well as the training programs and employment prospects of various majors, pointed out the characteristics of various majors, answered their doubts and pointed out their future development direction.