Term summary and mobilization meeting of grade 2019 graduate students successfully concluded

2021-03-08 08:55

Author: YadiRun MengdiZhang  Photographer: MenggeQi YaruSun  Editor in charge:HaoChen

With the advent of the new semester, the work of returning graduate students to school has been successfully completed. In order to further strengthen the academic construction of the college, enhance the scientific research ability of students, and improve the enthusiasm of students, on the afternoon of March 6, in the lecture hall on the second floor of the College of environment and planning, a semester summary and mobilization meeting for grade 2019 graduate students with the theme of "long journey, only struggle" was held. Attending the meeting were Comrade Zheng Kaiyuan, deputy secretary of the Youth League Committee and Secretary of the second graduate Party branch, Wang Huawei, chairman of the graduate student association, Zhai Yutian, chairman and office director of the graduate student association, Yang Xiaowan, chairman of the graduate student association and director of the academic department, cadres of various departments of the graduate student association, and all graduate students of grade 2019. Zhai Yutian presided over the meeting.

At the meeting, Comrade Zheng Kaiyuan summarized the work of the previous semester. Looking back on the past, under the leadership of the Party committee of the Institute, all the graduate students of grade 2019 have made good achievements in branch construction and student work. Looking forward to the future, the new semester is an important year for the graduate students of grade 2019. Comrade Zheng Kaiyuan sends his most sincere wishes to all the students: first, in learning, he hopes that the students will focus on scientific research and make clear their life direction; second, whether it is branch work, Research Association work or scientific research work, they should take it seriously, exercise themselves and improve their ability; third, cherish the rest At present, the epidemic is not over, and we need to strengthen self-protection.

Then, Comrade Wang Huawei made a speech to summarize the work of the graduate student union in the last semester, including epidemic prevention and control, returning of 2018 and 2019 graduate students, registration of 2020 freshmen and related matters, holding autumn sports meeting, assisting our school to carry out the seventh census, etc. with the active cooperation of all departments, all student work was successfully completed. Then, Comrade Wang Huawei made arrangements and prospects for the work in the first half of 2021, and put forward four requirements for the problems existing in the graduate students' Association: first, he hoped that the communication frequency and efficiency among various departments of the graduate students' Association would be improved, and the work quality would be continuously improved; second, he hoped that all departments would strictly carry out the upload and assignment, clarify the division of labor, and give play to their respective functional advantages; third, he hoped that the work of all departments would be integrated Fourth, we hope that all cadres can continue to adhere to the working attitude of meticulous and continuous improvement, and set a good example and inheritance for younger martial brothers and sisters.

Next, the ministers of the seven departments of the graduate student union came to the stage in turn to summarize the work of the previous semester, and look forward to the work of the new semester.

Finally, Zhai Yutian summarized the speeches of the ministers, hoping that in the new semester, all departments can carry forward their advantages, improve their shortcomings, keep forging ahead, and better serve all the teachers and students of the college. The journey is long, only struggle, I hope the students have lofty aspirations, down-to-earth, devote themselves to learning, live up to their youth, and be ready to realize the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

After the grade meeting, all cadres of level 2019 held a meeting to discuss the work content of the new year. Members of the second party branch of the graduate school, the presidium of the Research Council and the ministers of the Research Council attended the meeting.

First of all, Comrade Wang Huawei briefly summarized the student work of the college last semester, fully affirmed the efforts and achievements made by the cadres in the student work of the college last semester, and encouraged everyone to make persistent efforts in the new semester. He made a detailed arrangement of the college's work plan in the early stage of the new semester, emphasized the key points in the work, and required the big housework to complete the work of the Department with high quality within the designated time node.

Later, Comrade Zheng Kaiyuan assessed the work of the Research Association, looked for problems and made improvements. Based on the actual situation and comparing with their responsibilities, we objectively reviewed the achievements and shortcomings in the work of last semester. All cadres said that they would seriously reflect on the opinions and suggestions put forward by each other, enhance their sense of responsibility, strictly abide by their responsibilities, and set a good example.

Finally, Zheng Kaiyuan made an important speech. He pointed out that in the new semester, the cadres of the research association should improve their sense of responsibility and accurate positioning, firmly establish a sense of service, and solve the problems for the students. At the same time, they should continue to carry forward their good working condition, ask for instructions and report their work in time, implement all kinds of work, do a good job in organizational management, promote the organizational cohesion of the cadres, and improve the quality of the work of the cadres Hand over a safe answer sheet for the party and create a beautiful living environment for the people.

The work deployment meeting of the cadre level strengthened the contact of all departments, and innovated the work linkage mode of the Party branch, the presidium of the Research Association and all departments of the Research Association. It is an active exploration of the student work in our college.