School of Environment and Planning successfully held the 2019 freshman learning experience exchange meeting

2019-10-16 15:54

News reporter: Lian Gaomin, Wang Sizhen, photojournalist: Lou Wei, Hao Xiaoxuan, Wang Yitong, Chief editor: Cong Wang


At noon on October 15, the "2019 Class Freshman Learning Experience Exchange Meeting" organized by the Student Union of the School of Environment and Planning was organized in Class 1301 of Jinming Comprehensive Building. Representatives of outstanding students of 2017 majors were invited to participate and study for the new class of 2019. Experience-oriented reports. Class of 2017 Li Wanlong, Li Wenli, Liu Yingying, Wu Xiaoni, Yang Shiqi, Lu Tianqi, Wei Yaxin were invited to participate in exchanges with classmates, emphasized the importance of autonomous learning during college, and advocated that students develop a study plan and arrange time rationally , Indicates the learning direction for the freshmen of 2019.