School of Environment and Planning Wins First Prize in the 7th Graduate Taijiquan Competition

2019-10-27 12:30

News reporter: Huang Jiaqi, Xue Jiaojiao, Wei Yike, photojournalist: Department of Publicity, editor-in-chief: Wu Xuyang


On the afternoon of November 4, 2019, the seventh postgraduate Taijiquan competition of Henan University opened in Zhiyi Stadium. The contestants of our academy have strong boxing skills, coherent and natural moves, orderly opening and closing, softness and rigidity, hundreds of turns and thousands of times. The scenes of clouds and flowing water are full of calm character, which fully shows the infinite charm of Taijiquan. In the end, our team won the first prize of the Taijiquan competition in Jinming campus with a score of 90.90.