[Notice] Notice on recruitment of dispatched workers from school of environment and planning, Henan University

2021-03-01 12:55

According to the actual needs of the college, we are now recruiting a contract worker for labor dispatch. Relevant matters are announced as follows:

1、 Recruitment positions and responsibilities

College administrative office assistant 1 person: assist to complete the college administrative work.

2、 Basic requirements for recruitment

1. Abide by the Constitution and laws of the people's Republic of China.

2. Love the cause of higher education, have good conduct and professional ethics, have not received any disciplinary action, have no criminal behavior and bad record.

3. Physical and mental health, with the normal physical conditions to perform their duties; have a strong sense of enterprise, responsibility, sense of cooperation and dedication; have good teamwork skills, communication skills and writing skills, familiar with all kinds of office software operation.

4. Full time bachelor degree or above, geography and related majors are preferred, and the age should be under 30 years old (born on or after January 1, 1990).

5. Those who have one of the following situations are not allowed to apply: those who have been subject to criminal punishment for crimes; those who have not been relieved of Party discipline or political discipline punishment or who are undergoing disciplinary review; those who are suspected of crimes, who are undergoing judicial investigation and have not yet reached a conclusion; those who have been confirmed to have committed fraud and other serious violations of recruitment discipline in the recruitment examination; and others who do not meet the relevant requirements of the recruitment unit I'm looking for the right people.

6. Other conditions required by the post.

3、 Recruitment process

1. Registration method: due to the epidemic prevention and control, only online registration is accepted: please send the registration form (see the attachment) and resume to the designated email, and the document is renamed as "applied position + name", and the deadline is 6:00 p.m. on March 10, 2021.

A detailed resume should be attached with a cover letter, a scanned copy of the front and back of the ID card, and a scanned copy of the educational background and degree certificate.

2. Qualification examination. The relevant departments of the college shall organize the preliminary examination, and those who meet the requirements shall be informed to participate in the on-site ability assessment.

3. Ability assessment.

Those who have passed the preliminary examination of the college will take the following materials to participate in the ability assessment:

① Registration form

② Resume

③ Original ID card, academic certificate and degree certificate

Assessment content: the assessment is divided into written examination and interview, the full score of written examination is 100 points, and the full score of interview is 100 points. The total score = written test score × 40% + interview score × 60%, and the final selection is based on the total score.

Assessment time: 8:30 am, March 12, 2021. Please keep the phone unblocked and check the feedback information of the registration email in time.

Place of assessment: to be notified

4. Physical examination. Only those who pass the physical examination can be formally employed.

4、 Salary and related matters

The labor dispatch company signed an employment agreement with the employees and dispatched the employees to work in the school of environment and planning, Henan University. The salary is 4500 yuan per person per month, including salary, social security, tax and management fee.

5、 Precautions

① If the application materials are not complete, the application will be invalid.

② The content of the materials submitted by the candidates must be true, and the qualification examination runs through the whole recruitment process; those who commit fraud will be disqualified once verified.

③ The probation period is 3 months.

Contact person: Director Song

Tel: 13513789886

Email: 9834497@qq.com

College of environment and planning, Henan University

March 1, 2021