The Party committee of the College of environment and planning held the democratic life meeting of Party members and leading cadres at department level in 2020

2021-01-22 17:51

Author: School of environment and planning  Photographer: School of environment and planning  Editor:Kailin Gao

In accordance with the unified arrangement and requirements of the school Party committee, in January 21st, the Party committee of the environment and Planning College held the 2020 annual democratic life meeting of leading cadres in the 301 session of the college, and earnestly studied and implemented Xi Jinping's socialist ideology with China's characteristics in the new era, strengthened political construction, enhanced political ability, stood firmly for the people's feelings, won the decisive battle, built a well-off society in an all-round way and achieved the first. This is a great victory of the Centennial goal, starting the theme of a new journey of building a socialist modern country in an all-round way. Closely linked with the work of the college Party committee team, personal thoughts and work practice, we carry out self-examination, party spirit analysis, and carry out criticism and self-criticism. Zheng Hongtao, Secretary of the college Party committee, presided over the meeting and made a concluding speech.

The Party committee of the college attaches great importance to the democratic life meeting, timely conveys and studies the spirit of the notice on seriously holding the 2020 democratic life meeting of department level party members and leading cadres, and makes arrangements and puts forward requirements for the high-quality democratic life meeting. Before the democratic life conference, the Party committee members made full preparations. Members of the Party committee seriously studied and grasped the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping's important speech, read the prescribed provisions, extensively solicited opinions from all sides, sincerely talked about the talks, analyzed their problems profoundly, and carefully wrote the inspection materials, laying a solid foundation for the democratic life.

At the meeting, Zheng Hongtao, on behalf of the leading group of the Party committee of the college, made a comparative inspection and took the lead in self-criticism. He focused on the problems and shortcomings from five aspects, deeply analyzed the reasons, and made clear the direction of efforts and improvement measures. After that, Zheng Hongtao took the lead in conducting a personal check-up, and the team members conducted a personal check-up one by one, seriously carrying out serious criticism and self-criticism. According to the requirements of the democratic life meeting of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, the meeting adhered to the spirit of seeking truth from facts and taking responsibility. In the speech, it was straightforward, direct, comprehensive, in-depth and accurate. It was able to put itself in. It was able to check and put problems in an open way, criticize each other with spicy flavor, and achieved the effect of biting ears and pulling sleeves, red face and sweating, and achieved the goal of unifying thinking, inspiring spirit, and promoting the development of the society Clear direction, the purpose of cohesion.

Zheng Hongtao made a concluding speech and put forward five requirements.

First, we should strengthen learning and strengthen theoretical arms. We should continue to follow up the latest speech of general secretary Xi Jinping, and thoroughly study the spirit of the party's the fifth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee and higher level important conference documents, and constantly improve theoretical accomplishment and political standing. We must adhere to Xi Jinping's new socialist ideology of socialism with Chinese characteristics, arm our minds, guide practice and promote work. We should continue to work hard in learning, understanding and doing things. We should combine theory with disciplines and college work, strengthen research learning, and make learning and thinking work in order to make China's constantly improving political theory the driving force of its development.

The second is to adhere to the teacher-student center, keep in mind the purpose of serving the people wholeheartedly, adhere to the party's mass line, carry forward the party's fine style, practice teacher-student service, smooth the collection channels of teachers and students' opinions and suggestions. At present, we should combine the opinions of Teachers and students in the forum and the college's double generation meeting, concentrate our efforts, broaden our thinking, and take various measures to solve the problems of teachers and students' development and life In order to provide good conditions for the development of the college.

The third is to deeply summarize the advantages of the party construction of the college, consolidate the construction achievements of "National Party Construction benchmark colleges and departments", comprehensively implement the core task of "five in place" of the Party committee of the college, continuously promote the standardized construction of the Party branch, adhere to the "seven powerful" principle, and give play to the leading and leading role of the Party branch at the grass-roots level. We should attach great importance to publicity and ideological and political work and radiate it to the masses. We should excavate the typical ethics of teachers, create a good atmosphere for moral education, and improve the ideological level and political awareness of teachers and students.

Fourth, we should unswervingly shoulder the political responsibility and the main responsibility of comprehensively and strictly administering the party, conscientiously implement the "three important and one big" system, and firmly build the political bottom line of resisting corruption and preventing change. We should strictly implement the "guidelines", "Regulations" and the detailed rules for the implementation of the eight provisions of the Central Committee, resolutely stay away from the high-voltage line and warning line of discipline, ensure that we do not touch or cross the line in our work and life, and maintain a good political ecology of clean and upright atmosphere.

Fifthly, we should expand the achievements of this democratic life, do a good job in the implementation of rectification, check the standards and forms, take the initiative to act and perform their duties. We should plan the development of the college scientifically, strengthen the connotation construction, and promote the high-quality development of the college.