Tips for epidemic prevention and control of students returning home

2021-01-11 20:41

The annual winter vacation is about to begin, and we are also ushering in a new and challenging year of 2021. At present, the situation of epidemic prevention and control in China is still grim. As college students in the new era, you will contribute your youth wisdom and strength to win the battle of epidemic prevention and control.

Here, the following suggestions are issued to all students of the College:

1、 Pay close attention to the epidemic situation

Students should always pay attention to the epidemic information, correctly obtain the information related to epidemic prevention and control, do not make rumors, do not believe rumors, do not spread rumors, do not panic.

2、 Ensure the safety of returning home

Wear masks in the whole process, protect in densely populated areas, carry disinfection products with you, and use hands-free disinfectant.

3、 Keep good hygiene habits

During the period of living at home, we should pay attention to ventilation and disinfection, balanced diet, regular exercise, moderate exercise to improve their immunity; when going out, we should wear masks, wash hands frequently, and avoid closed, airless public places and crowded places. At the same time, regular work and rest, reasonable arrangement of meals, pay attention to food safety, no smoking, no drinking, no all night, no overeating.

4、 Reduce outdoor activities

During the winter vacation, especially during the Spring Festival, avoid unnecessary gatherings and dinners. Be responsible for yourself and others. Do not go to high risk areas, if you need to report relevant information in time, you should pay close attention to your health after returning, and provide nucleic acid test report as required.

5、 Obey the unified arrangement and actively cooperate with the investigation

Strictly implement the unified arrangement and deployment of our school, our hospital and local epidemic prevention and control work, actively cooperate with epidemic prevention and control work, ensure smooth communication, timely fill in relevant information and report personal health status as required.

Novel coronavirus novel coronavirus has a long incubation period. Students must perform self health monitoring. If have a fever (axillary temperature of 37.3 degrees Celsius) and other respiratory tract infections, especially fever, fatigue, dry cough or new type of coronavirus infection history of infection, please wear masks to the nearest designated hospital fever clinic for the first time, and try to avoid taking the medicine. At the same time, cooperate with the relevant departments to check carefully to ensure the health of the family.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia, let's act immediately and strengthen confidence and begin from me to win the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control.