Our college held the examination of 2020 students' manual learning achievement

2020-11-07 22:07

News Author: Yang Yanyun, Zhang Yu Photographer: Wang Yitong  Editor: He XiaYan

In order to help students of grade 2020 to further understand the relevant provisions of the school's teaching and management, on November 7, 2020 freshmen of our college held the "Student Handbook" learning achievement test test in classroom 7305, comprehensive building, Jinming campus, Henan University. Teacher Cheng Yanan, a counselor of grade 2020, is the invigilator.

Before the examination, Mr. Cheng Yanan stressed the discipline of the examination and hoped that the students would be honest and conscientious in answering questions and show their real learning achievements. During the examination, the examinees concentrate on answering questions and present their learning achievements in recent years on the test paper.

At the end of the examination, Mr. Cheng Yanan led everyone to review the key contents of the student handbook, including major transfer, double degree, second class, dormitory management, scholarship, examination discipline, leave system, medical treatment, etc. Students listen carefully and make notes.

The examination helps students understand the relevant provisions of the school, strengthen ideological and political education, and make them better integrate into university life.