The College of Environment and Planning of Henan University undergraduates publish research papers in JCR 1

2020-03-15 22:23

Editor : Wang Jianing, Liu Yun

Recently, Under the guidance of Professor Cui Yaoping, Tang Xiying, an undergraduate student majoring in geographic Information Science in 2016 of our College, has published a research paper entitled Human Activities Enhance Radiation through Surface Albedo Associated with Vegetation in Beijing as the first author in Remote Sensing.Taking Beijing as the research area, this paper focuses on the albedo change caused by human activities through affecting vegetation phenology and greenness, and analyzes the radiation forcing effect of human activities from the perspective of biogeophysics.The college has always attached great importance to undergraduate education, implementing the tutorial system among undergraduates, encouraging students to participate in teacher project research, tapping students' scientific research potential and innovation ability, and providing high-quality interdisciplinary talents for the society.