Bin Zhai

2018-05-19 22:19



Bin   Zhai


Associate   Professor






Ph.D.-2011,Lanzhou University, Regional economics.

B.A.-2006, Zheng zhou University, International Economics and Trade.



2011-present, associate professor, College of Environment and Planning, Henan University







1. 2015-2018,"the impact of agricultural industrialization on farmers' livelihood and the response of farmers", national natural science foundation project (41501135);

2. 2014 ~ 2015, "agricultural industrialization underdeveloped agriculture research on influence of farmers' sustainable livelihood - producing county Chinese village as an example", humanities and social science research projects in henan province department of education (2014 - GH - 2014), presided over;

3. 2014~2017,"the spatial differentiation and evolution mechanism of the specialized village in the Yellow River basin", the humanities and social science research project of the ministry of education (14JJD790011),

4. "research on the innovation and development of industrial clusters in henan province", the bidding project of government decision-making research in henan province (2012B127), participated in.





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