Henan university students achieved another record in the 5th China University Geography Science Contest

2019-11-18 16:11

News Author: Wuxiao Ni Si Yi Qi photographer: Zhao Yue Li Wanlong Editor: Zhao Yao


On November 15-17, 2019, the finals of the "New Ant Race Cup" 5th China University Geographic Science Exhibition Contest with the theme of "Geography and Territorial Space Planning" was held in Nanjing University. Representatives from the team of the School of Environment and Planning Our school won good results in the first prize of the human geography group, the third prize of the physical geography group, the most academic theme award and the outstanding organization award. The College Human Geography Team took "Research on the Spatial Differentiation Patterns, Influencing Factors and Regionalization of Township Economy in Central China under the Strategy of Rural Rejuvenation" as the topic, and selected the per capita net income of farmers as an indicator to carry out analysis and research. It won the first prize of the human geography group and The most academic theme award. The representative team of the Physical Geography Team carried out research on "Urban Land Use Planning from the Perspective of Urbanization Spatial Association" as a subject, and tried to provide reference for quantitative and reasonable urban construction land allocation in the context of urbanization.